Bai Lin Gong Fu Super Black Tea
Bai Lin Gong Fu Super Black Tea


Region: Fujian

Grade: Top Grade, Tippy

Altitude:Above 3000 ft, Taimu Mountain

Manufacture Type: Hand Crafted Tea

Cup Characteristics: Smooth, Mellow and Floral smell.

Infusion: Red and goden color.

Ingredients:Luxury black tea

Price: $135.00

Product Code: BAILIN

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Bai Lin Gong Fu Super Black Tea : The heavenly taste of Bai Lin Gong Fu Super Black tea is not just stimulating but it also refreshes you in and out. The tea is an abode of humongous health benefits. Bailin Gongfu is the highest quality Fujian black tea. In a true reddish brown color when brewed, the tea contains minimal caffeine, less than 15% of a cup of coffee. It has an authentic black and gold colored pine-needle shaped appearance. With its harvest time in April, the tea is hand crafted at Mt. Taimu in Fujian province. The rich, full bodied sweet taste with a hint of caramel will undoubtedly fulfill your tea senses. So if you are wondering which tea to splurge on, the Bailin Gong Fu is a premium quality tea produced at Mt. Taimu in Fujian province. The tea has an everlasting delectable taste along with a refreshing fragrance. It is never going to disappoint the tea lover in you.

Origin : It is named after its place of origin. Chinese city Bailin started producing this Gonfu tea in the era of 1875 to 1908 i.e. during the reign of Guangxu. A proper tea factory was founded in a town of Bailin at that time though Bailin was already noted and prominent for producing top quality tea. Then Bailin Gongfu was opened to the world and began to be exported in Southwest Asia and Europe.
Bring a change to your usual tea drinking experience through Bai Lin Gong Fu Super Black tea. Bailin Gongfu is produced from the leaves meticulously plucked in time. When leaves are collected very fresh and young, the result is best quality Bailin Gongfu Black tea. It also gives this tea the very refreshing taste and sumptuous color. If mature leaves are collected to make tea, the tea won’t taste so rich and accompany a bright color. Thus special care is taken while picking leaves for producing Bai Lin Gong Fu Super Black tea so that it is worthily spent time.

How it works : Bai Lin Gong Fu Black tea is teamed with an awesome rich and refreshing taste. Leaving you spoilt for choice is the brewed tea liquor which is thick, bright in color and full of mind refreshing aroma. An additional effect follows when you add a good amount of pekoe in the tea which causes an awesome fragrance. It contains more caffeine than other tea. So gorge on this super black tea to eliminate laziness and bring refreshment. Relish the taste which is stronger than others. A cup of lip smacking freshly brewed Bailin Gongfu will refresh your mind and you’ll be ready again for work. Its sweet mild taste is just appropriate to fill you with delight and inculcates the power to stay fresh and strong.


  1. Reduces aging effect – This pleasure packed savor from the world of tea helps reduce the aging effect. So go ahead and grab a lip smacking sip to stay younger.
  2. Antioxidants – The presence of antioxidants help in reducing the threat of certain cancers.
  3. Stronger heart – Take a trip round the globe. Strong heart means healthy lifestyle. Bailin Gongfu Black tea makes your heart stronger. The antioxidants in this tea can reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks due to natural chemicals that lower cholesterol.
  4. Prevents tooth decay – BaiLin Gong Fu Black tea helps prevent tooth decay.

BaiLin Gong Fu Black tea leads you to the magical flavors of this earth. In the bustling capital and the stress of modern city life, most tea lovers embrace a refreshing cup of tea. Bai Lin Ging Fu Black tea just does that to refresh your mind. So head straight to Green Hill Tea where all the teas lie, including Bai Lin Gong Fu Black tea.

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