Liu An Gua Pian
Liu  An Gua Pian


Region: An Hui

Grade: Premium, It only contains tea leaves

Altitude:Qi Tou Mountain, Liu An County

Manufacture Type: Hand Crafted Tea

Caffeine Level:It contains caffeine

Cup Characteristics: The floral taste and aftertaste of a strong cup, Very fresh and smooth

Infusion: Bright Green to yellow

Ingredients:Luxury green tea

Price: $65.00

Product Code: LIU

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1 LB $65
10 LB 470
4 LB 220

Liu An Gua Pian Tea, a Green Tea, is one of the 10 most famous Chinese Teas . The literal English Translation for the tea is Liu An Melon Seed, or Liu An Melon Slice. The Tea is grown in the Liu An County in the Dabie Mountains of China's Western Anhui Province. Lia An Gua Melon Slice Green Tea revives the magic of drinking tea and upgrades your day. The tea is a truly elegant tea with a light and almost spicy aroma. The taste of the tea is very smooth and has a hint of sweetness to it. The tea got its name from the shape of the processed tea leaves. They are flat and oval, resembling a melon seed. During the frying stage, the leaves are shaped into the melon seed shape. Lia An Gua Pian Melon Slice Green Tea is a sweet and refreshing take.

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