History of Fuding white tea

According to legend, Taimu Mountain, the ancient name is Cai Mountain, Four thousand years ago (Emperor Yao), there was an old saint who spent her life planting orchids and practicing Taoism in the mountain, she is very kind and care the people. She used green snow tea buds as medicine at to treat measles, and saved a lot of children, people called her mother goddess (Taimu in Chinese) for her thanksgiving; the mountain was called Taimu Mountain. In Han Dynasty, the Emperor sented officer Dongfang Shuo Emperor ordered ministers Dongfang Shuo canonized world famous mountain, Taimu Mountain was elected as one of the thirty-six famous mountains. ,with a letter to grant the Tailao Mountain. Tailao Mountain become official name. Now, there are original mother tea trees to grow green snow tea buds still there, The Cave where Taimu Taimu Snow Bud Green Goddess discovered tea tree and watering green snow bud Dan Wells. About more than 150 years (about 1857) ago, Huan Chen transplantated this tea tree to home and cultivate it, this tea was called Fudingdabaicha.

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