Brewing Method

1 .Cup Method: suitable for one person to drink, brewing a cup with, take 3-5g of tea for 8 OZ water, Please use water at 190 °F with water, first wash the tea ware, and then boiling water directly brew white tea, brewing time according to personal taste , free to master.
2. Tea bowl with 5 oz water with cover: For the men drink, take 3g Fuding white tea into the tureen, with a 90-degree open washing tea warm smells, and then like a kung fu tea brewing, first soak 30-45 seconds, each subsequent decline, this can Fuding white tea, fresh products to taste.
3. Pot for 2 to 3 guesses: Suitable Ya five people gather, Tatu best or bulk teapot tea cup elegant, take 5-6g Fuding white tea into it, washed with about 90 degrees to open tea warm smells, after 45 seconds you can drink, features: mm fragrant mellow.
4. Large pot law: for groups and long sip drinking, taking 10-15g white tea pots into large bottles in boiling water with a 90-100 degree directly brew, drinking water, white tea has a resistant foam, long shelved still elegant mellow taste characteristics, can drink from morning to night, ideal for families with refreshing summer tea.
5. Cooked the tea: For health purposes, with water 10g Chen invested more than 3 years old old white tea, boil 3 minutes until gravy filter out tea, let cool 70 degrees chunk of rock sugar or honey added by hot drink, commonly used in treatment of sore throat fever treatment acclimatized, mellow taste peculiar. Also summer iced drink after special flavor.

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